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Learn, revise and practice exam questions for PSLE Tamil. Includes study materials and online practice questions for  PSLE Tamil Paper 2.

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For more practice:

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Course Curriculum

Tamil Grammar
PSLE Vetrumai Test 1 Unlimited
PSLE Vetrumai Test 2 Unlimited
PSLE Vetrumai Test 3 Unlimited
PSLE Vetrumai Test 4 Unlimited
PSLE Vetrumai Test 5 Unlimited
Tamil Poetry & Proverbs
Seyyul – Classic Poetry FREE 00:00:00
செய்யுள் : ஆத்திச்சூடி, கொன்றை வேந்தன், வெற்றிவேற்கை - Tamil poetry for PSLE and P6.
Seyyul – Thirukkural FREE 00:00:00
Seyyul – Pazhamozhi FREE 00:00:00
seyyul-quiz-01 Unlimited
seyyul-quiz-02 Unlimited
seyyul-quiz-03 Unlimited
seyyul-quiz-04 Unlimited
seyyul-quiz-05 Unlimited
Tamil Comprehension - Therivuvidai
PSLE Therivuvidai Test 1 Unlimited
PSLE Therivuvidai Test 2 Unlimited
PSLE Therivuvidai Test 3 Unlimited
PSLE Therivuvidai Test 4 Unlimited
PSLE Therivuvidai Test 5 Unlimited
Tamil Comprehension - Picture
PSLE Picture Comprehension Test 1 Unlimited
PSLE Picture Comprehension Test 2 Unlimited
PSLE Picture Comprehension Test 3 Unlimited
PSLE Picture Comprehension Test 4 Unlimited
PSLE Picture Comprehension Test 5 Unlimited
Tamil Oli Verubadu
Oli Verubadu List – பொது ஒலி வேறுபாடு FREE 00:00:00
Oli Verubadu list – ல, ள , ழ ஒலி வேறுபாடு 00:00:00
Oli Verubadu list – ன, ண ஒலி வேறுபாடு 00:00:00
Oli Verubadu list – ர, ற ஒலி வேறுபாடு 00:00:00
PSLE Oli Verubadu Test 1 Unlimited
PSLE Oli Verubadu Test 2 Unlimited
PSLE Oli Verubadu Test 3 Unlimited
PSLE Oli Verubadu Test 4 Unlimited
PSLE Oli Verubadu Test 5 Unlimited
Tamil Comprehension - Munnunarvu
PSLE Munnunarvu Test 1 Unlimited
PSLE Munnunarvu Test 2 Unlimited
PSLE Munnunarvu Test 3 Unlimited
PSLE Munnunarvu Test 4 Unlimited
Tamil Comprehension - Suyavidai
PSLE Suyavidai Test 1 Unlimited
PSLE Suyavidai Test 2 Unlimited
PSLE Suyavidai Test 3 Unlimited
PSLE Suyavidai Test 4 Unlimited
Tamil Vocabulary
PSLE Vocabulary Test 1 Unlimited
PSLE Vocabulary Test 2 Unlimited
PSLE Vocabulary Test 3 Unlimited
PSLE Vocabulary Test 4 Unlimited
PSLE Vocabulary Test 5 Unlimited

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  1. Very Benefitial

    I fell that this corse was very amazable and I learned a lot of infomashion. Thank you thamizh Cube for the hell and understandment for thamizh pupels who are learning primary six, please take this corse for benefitials

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